Updating manufactured home

Again, it is all about how well the owner takes care of their property.I say owner, versus renter, because in most situations we are purchasing homes directly from owner-occupants.There is no point in remodeling if the cost of repairs cannot be justified by the ability to obtain a higher value after the remodel.After a realistic top-market, after-repair value is determined, a homeowner should prioritize the most important items in the home that need TLC and then seek estimates by a number of contractors on the cost of the repairs.Welcome back, If you haven’t already noticed we’re a little biased here. While mobile homes come in all shapes and sizes they also come in all different conditions.

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Guy'Karie's family farm is an easy four-hour drive from the home she shares with her husband Jim.California real estate being what it is (expensive), Barbara's client computed the value of the house they were living in; after a bit of math, they decided to sell, pay cash for a manufactured home, and live a little on the rest of their money. We shared her gorgeous double wide a while back and it's been one of our most popular manufactured home remodels.I have no doubt her colorful camper makeover will be just as popular.You can always recover dining room chairs with fabric from the fabric store and put on heavy plastic over it to keep them looking great very inexpensively.Right now, I am doing some landscape in my backyard with ferns from the woods and other greenery that is perennial.

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