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In March 2006, the actress revealed that she had been repeatedly molested by an uncle when she was a child.

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Teri Hatcher went solo to Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s garish wedding in Paris last month, and people were wondering what happened to the guy she was so publicly dating just a short while ago, who was coincidentally Eva Longoria’s ex, director Stephen Kay.Hatcher is not the only “Lois & Clark” alum to appear on “Supergirl.” Former Superman Dean Cain has been in four episodes of the CW show, including the pilot.https://twitter.com/Hatching Change Very cool to hear Teri and others actresses come to the defense of Lois! Which is rare for two co-workers who were such a big part of each others life once. It's not that uncommon for people to lose touch, regardless of how long they worked together, they worked together they didn't go home together.The pastel-hued façades look as cheerful and innocuous as gaily painted Easter eggs: Lynette’s is mint green, Bree’s a cool blue gray, Gabrielle’s an intense goldenrod.But as fans of know, those perfect exteriors conceal dark secrets.

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